Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Famous Dave's - Spring Valley

I am not the biggest fan of BBQ, but I do have a hankering from time to time. We were recently in the area and decided to give this place a try.

They have a number of lunch specials, as well as day of the week deals. My mom opted for the full rack of spare ribs for $18,99 that comes with two sides and a corn muffin. For sides we chose grilled pineapple and garlic mashed potatoes. While we waited our server brought out their freshly made BBQ chips so we could sample all their sauces. She went over all the flavors and we sampled them all.

Our meals arrived and the food was good. This is one of the better chains around and I would have no reservations about returning here for another meal if I'm in the mood for more BBQ, which is usually a rare occasion.

Mama Kat's

I was in town visiting a friend and we needed a new breakfast spot to try. I pulled out my faithful Yelp app and Mama Kat's popped to the top of my search list. It looked promising so we made our way over.

We arrived around 10 in the morning and the place was already pretty busy. There was a bit of a wait, but they have coffee and seating for those who are patient enough to wait. I noticed so many customers that came in and chatted with the staff and they all knew them by name. This is definitely a local spot where people become regulars. The servers greeted the customers by name, which I found impressive. After about 20 minutes we were taken to our table.

The menu is extensive and it took us a while to decide what to get, everything looked great. I opted for the college rule eggs benedict and my fella got the chicken fried steak. It took a while for the food to come out, but they were very busy and they made sure our drinks were always refilled. I had the iced tea, which was perfectly brewed. Strong, like a I like it and great flavor.

Once our food arrived we were in awe. The portions were extremely generous and the size of the plates was a little daunting. My benedict was delicious. Generous portions of shaved ham and avocado and the egg was cooked perfectly. The hollandaise was great as well. Even my fella who doesn't really like hollandaise was a fan. The chicken fried steak was moist and perfectly cooked. Both meals were great and I don't think I would have been able to finish without my fella eating half my meal. They have the option of ordering half benedicts for $2 less, so I'd recommend this for any person with a smaller appetite.

There is a cute little patio that is pet-friendly if you decide to dine here with your furry friends, as well. Service was extremely attentive and very nice. Every server we came across from friendly and seemed to truly care about being helpful. This is a great local breakfast spot in the area and I would love to stop in again when I'm in the area.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Society Cafe

Before my visit to Society Cafe, I can't say my expectations were too high for their food. The service was exceptional, however.

We started with the crab fritters which were tasty, albeit a little fishy. The flavors were definitely enhanced when masked by the dip on the plate. They also served warm pretzels with mustard. The pretzels were good, but I didn't love the mustard and I love mustard usually. I decided to stick with eating these pretzels dry. For our main entree I ordered the ribeye topped with bleu cheese and my fella ordered the shortrib with lobster mashed potatoes. I opted to replace my fries with mixed veggies instead. The steak was good, but I felt that the bleu cheese over powered it quite a bit so I would avoid this addition next time. The shortrib was a little on the dry side and I ended up trading dishes with my fella halfway through since he wasn't loving his meal. The veggies and steak were the winners of this dinner. The mashed potatoes were good but didn't have a lot of lobster or lobster flavor in them.

Overall, our meal was very enjoyable but I would likely explore other menu items on our next visit. There are better options for this price point to be found, for sure.

Taco Y Taco - Henderson

I was already in love with the food from Taco Y Taco, I didn't think it could get any better. With the addition if this new location, they proved me wrong. It's definitely better. Same great food, but add a bar and a snazzy interior and this location is a whole new experience.

The restaurant is the same set up as the original location. Ordering stations based on the type of meat you will be ordering. They have the same great salsa bar and menu items, so I'm excited. The al pastor is still my favorite but I have to branch out next time. Elote is also a must.

If only they would open a location on my side of town, but until then I will be making the drive to their Trop and Eastern locations in the time being.

Lamp Post Pizza (Post Pizza)

Nostalgia and a craving for pizza brought me here, but I was delighted to have found that the pizza was just as good as my memory had lead me to believe.

After arriving in town, we were a little shaken up after a minor earthquake had struck, so we decided comfort food was the way to go. My fella suggested pizza and I was excited for some Lamp Post Pizza. They have recently changed their name to The Post Pizza, but not much else has changed.

The interior is large and great for large groups, especially for groups with kids. They have games and video games as well as TVs all airing sports. You order at be counter, pick up your drinks and alcoholic beverages at the bar area and head to your table with a number when they bring the food out to you.

We opted for a medium pepperoni and mushroom pizza and some drinks. The food came out quickly and we settled in for an indulgent meal. The pizza had a perfect texture. Not too doughy and not too thin, it had a perfect crispy outside and soft dough center. The dough also had a sweetness that complemented the sauce and toppings nicely. The pizza isn't fancy or gourmet, but perfect in its simplicity.

Great prices and lots of items to choose from m, this is a great place for kids of all ages.


Peking Restaurant

After a long day at Disneyland we were starving and my fella was craving Chinese food. We searched around and I finally decided to try Peking.

The restaurant was packed when we arrived, but were seated in the last available table immediately. We started with the pan-fried dumplings, which were enormous and came in a very large portion. these were the highlight of our meal. Juicy and they had extraordinary flavor. We also ordered the string beans, combination noodles and salt & pepper pork chops. Everything was really great. The pork chops were really moist and flavorful and despite the bland look of the noodles, they were actually really tasty. The string beans were solid as well.

The portions are huge for everything we ordered and we definitely over ordered. We barely put a dent in all the food and had leftovers for days. This place is best enjoyed with friends. There were no chopsticks on the table, so if you want them you'll have to request them from the server. Service was standard. They made sure refills were quick and the food came out the kitchen quickly. Everything we ordered came out at about the same time, which was great.

Cathay House - Dim Sum

This was only the second time I have been to Cathay House. I came for dim sum years ago and didn't have much of a desire to return but I couldn't resist giving them another chance recently.

We arrived around noon and they weren't too busy. I felt rushed to order, even though we kept telling them we wanted to wait for our entire party to be seated. We ordered hot tea and waters all around and then proceeded to order from the carts that came around.

They pushed the ginger scallion lobster with pasta on us and although a good value at $15.99, it had to be reheated before they served it to us. The lobster was good, but the noodles felt like total filler, didn't have much flavor and were overcooked. The highlights from our meal were the custard buns, duck, crab balls and spare ribs. The ribs also had to be reheated for us before serving, which was also a bit of a turn off.

The rest of the items we ordered weren't very memorable and I wouldn't recommend most, if any, of it. The coconut bun, egg custard, bbq pork buns and smelt were all completely forgettable.

Service was ok, although refills were a little hard to come by for our waters and tea. There are other dim sum places in town I prefer, with fresher items, so I don't see myself coming back any time soon.