Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blue Bayou at Disneyland Park

I am a huge fan of Disneyland and I write this review with a heavy heart as I always hope for the best experiences when I am there. For the amount of money people are expected to spend and then add the extra splurge or dining inside the park, there is no reason the food shouldn't reflect this added expense. 

We decided to come to Blue Bayou to celebrate my fella's birthday. I was steering him towards other dining options since i had been to Blue Bayou in the past and had never been a huge fan but I remember having a few nice lunches there on previous visits. He was set on coming here so I made reservations and remained optimistic. 

We arrived on time for our reservation but still had to wait about 30 minutes for our table. Once seated, the service was superb. Everything you come to expect at the Disney Parks. It was the food that made this experience so lackluster. 

Despite my low expectations for the meal, the food was even worse than I expected. I ordered the lamb and my fella got the surf and turf. He ordered the shrimp cocktail to start and I went with the gumbo. The shrimp cocktail was more like a chopped shrimp salad with mayo and he didn't enjoy it. I offered to trade him for the gumbo since he ended up really liking that. The gumbo was probably the only decent thing we ate. The entrees arrived and they looked so sad on the plate. Brown clumps of soggy meat in sauce. It tasted as badly as it looked. Bland and awful. I debated sending it back, but ended up just sucking it up and waiting for our meal to end.

The bill came and we paid quickly and wanted to get out of there utterly disappointed with our meal. I write this review in hopes that they improve as I love everything Disney and the dining experiences should only enhance you visit not detract. 

If you do end up here, just stick with the gumbo and the Monte Christo from the lunch menu. 

Location: Disneyland, 1313 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Buddha Belly

Nice little new spot at 215 and Valle Verde. 

My fella and I came by while we were in the area and had at first thought about taking our food to go and the changed our minds last minute. We decided to share the pho dip, shrimp po boy, dragon breath fries and the shortrib fries. 

The pho dip was ok, I enjoyed the pho au jus, but the sandwich was just ok. The bread just seemed a little too dense for me. I had same the issues with the shrimp po boy. The breading on the shrimp was a tad too thick and the bread was again not for me. My favorite two items we tried were the both the dragon breath and shortrib fries. The dragon breath fries had a great kick. I highly recommend bringing gum or mints if you decide to order this. The shortrib had great flavor and I would order this again in a heartbeat. 

All the food was solid, but I didn't feel the need to finish our food and the leftovers sat in our fridge for a few days untouched before I tossed them in the trash.

The service was extremely attentive and i look forward to giving them another try and hopefully finding some other menu items that suit my tastes a little more.

Items sampled: pho dip, shrimp po boy, dragon breath fries, shortrib fries

Location: 50 North Valle Verde Dr, Ste 110, Henderson, NV 89074

Friday, November 28, 2014

Stacks & Yolks

My fella was craving eggs benedict and I'm always up for trying a new place. 

We arrived around 11 and the place was pretty crowded, but we only had to wait a few minutes to be seated. The table was cramped but we made do. 

I ordered the lumber jack with scrambled eggs, sausage links, home fries and upgraded my pancakes to the lemon blueberry so I could share them with the table. My fella ordered the eggs benedict.

Service was friendly and attentive. They were on the slower side because they were so busy, but when our food did eventually come out it was delicious. The home fries and the lemon blueberry pancakes were my favorites. The pancakes are probably some of my favorite that I've tried in vegas, perfectly cooked, the blueberries were flavorful and ripe and the hint of lemon complemented the flavors perfectly.

I am definitely a fan of Stacks & Yolks and look forward to coming back again 

Items sampled: eggs Benedict, lumberjack combo, lemon blueberry stack

Location: 7150 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Pot Liquor CAS

This is a cute little bbq spot right across from Yard House in Town Square.

I let my friend for happy hour around 5:30. The restaurant was pretty empty, but it slowly filled up as we sat at the bar. The bartender was nice and attentive to us. My friend ordered a drink and I opted for iced tea. 

It took us a while to decide what to order since we were chatting but I ended up ordering some pork rinds from the happy hour menu and a baby back rib salad. The pork rinds were not good at all. Too salty and the texture was completely off. It was too hard to eat. My salad was decent. There was a good amount of rib on it and the Flavors were well-balanced. My friend got the fried pickles and the burnt ends appetizer. Both of these were pretty good. I don't typically enjoy fried pickles, but these were better than most and they were cubed instead of sliced or speared which was a little different than usual. 

Pot Liquor didn't blow me away, but a majority of the food we ordered was good and I'd come back to try out more of their menu.

Items sampled: burnt ends, fried pickles, pork rinds, baby back salad

Location: 6587 S Las Vegas Blvd, B-196, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hooligan's Bar & Grill

Walking into this dark and slightly divey bar, you don't expect much as far as food goes. The place was pretty crowded as they were having one of their biweekly poker tournaments. We were the only people that ordered any food, so they seemed to go out of their way to make our visit nice.

We ordered the hangover burger, wings with wedges and fried avocado to share. They took the fried avocado off their menu, but the waitress talked to Chef Bruce and he was more than happy to accommodate any requests we had as long as he has the ingredients. We also really wanted to try their guava habanero for the wings but he had run out so he mixed up a concoction of his pineapple sauce and added a little more kick to it for us. 

Service was great! The bartender / waitress Misty was extremely attentive and was so sweet and friendly. Chef Bruce even came out to make sure we were enjoying everything and made sure to make an extra batch of the fried avocado just for us as well as being out some of their dessert to try.

The food was decent, I enjoyed the burger, but stuffed burgers aren't my favorite so I'd likely be happier with a basic one minus cheese and all the extra stuff. Simple is always better for me. The burger was cooked perfectly, though. The wings were good, too. I the sauces were still overly sweet for me, but I appreciated that they served them on the side so I could decide how much to use. The fried avocado was delicious, the best thing we had all evening. I also really enjoyed the potato wedges. Perfectly cooked and excellent texture. 

We had a great meal and they had no problem redeeming our coupon. I'll be back soon.

Items sampled: hangover burger, fried avocado, wings, potato wedges, purst and chocolate covered bacon.

Location: 1750 S Rainbow  Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Sunday, November 23, 2014

SW Steakhouse

 I asked what my fella wanted for his birthday dinner and said he wanted a really good steak. What my fella wants, my fella gets. We had a reservation and were seated immediately.

Service was superb and so was the food. We started with the half order of the cold seafood platter and I loved everything served. The crab salad was particularly addictive. One thing my fella and I couldn't agree on was what appetizers we wanted to try, but have no fear, they offer half orders of all of these so we were able to try everything our heart's desired. My favorite was the creamed corn. I actually wish I had a full order of this side all to myself. It was rich and creamy and so delicious. 

For our main course, I ordered the bone-in New York and my fella ordered the Bone-in ribeye. Mine was good, but I only ordered it since the birthday boy picked the ribeye that I usually choose and I don't like to order two of the same thing. The ribeye was the star of the show. 

Perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth delicious. We tried to save room for dessert, but no luck. We were stuffed. 

Everything was superb, I only wish the waterfall wasn't so loud. It's a nice view, but ever so loud and distracting. My ears were ringing by the end of the meal.

Items sampled: bone-in Ribeye, bone-in New York, half cold seafood platter, creamed corn, onion rings

Location: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

English's Quintessentially British

English's is an interesting conundrum. With a name like English's Quintessentially British, I was picturing a more quaint cottage feel instead of the ultra modern and sleek decor. They have a nice patio overlooking the center of Town Square and they could really do a lot with this place. 

Unfortunately, there are just as many things to dislike about this place as there are to like. 

The pros: decent drink selection, nice patio area, pleasant staff and relatively fair priced happy hour food.

The cons: some of the food was decent, but is was a crapshoot and nothing blew me away flavor-wise.

Overall, I would recommend English's for happy hour only and I'm still curious to try their afternoon tea.

Items sampled: Strongbow cider, salmon crostini, steak and mushroom pie

Location: Town Square, 6599 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 210, Las Vegas, NV 89119