Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bonefish Grill - Charleston

I had never been to Bonefish Grill before, but we had a celebratory lunch here a few weeks ago and I can't say I'm pressed.

We had the private dining area to ourselves, but we were a little disappointed to see the choices on the three-course prefix menu. The fish options were limited and all the entrees came with the same side option of cous cous salad, whether it made sense with the meal or not. 

I decided on the corn chowder to start, followed by the tilapia topped with artichoke heart, feta and a very salad cous cous salad. I don't particularly like tilapia, but given the other options, it seemed like the only option. The cous cous salad could not be salvaged. It was chewy and I wasn't the only one that was pushing it around their plate as pretending to eat it. The soup was just ok, but I heard the salad was overly garlicky and salty, so the soup was probably the best option. For dessert, I opted for the key like pie. It was nothing special, like most things about the meal.  

I didn't get a chance to order anything from the regular menu, but based on this meal, I don't have much interest in checking them out again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Buon Gusto - Henderson, NV

After an afternoon of shopping, my friend and I were famished and decided to try Buon Gusto for dinner since we had a coupon. 

We walked in at 8pm and there it took some time to get seated since it's a pretty small place. We were finally seated and our waitress took our drink order. 

I ordered the baked ziti Siciliano and the Italian wedding soup. Our order took a pretty long time coming out and after about 20 minutes of waiting the waitress came out to let us know that she was sorry for the wait since they had apparently closed down the kitchen without letting her know and that they had to start it all up again to cook our orders and that of another table that came in before us. I'm a little surprised and disappointed that they decided to close down the kitchen a good hour before they were scheduled to close. Seems like a bad business practice. 

If we had known that the kitchen was closed, we would have found another place to eat, but after waiting so long we figured we might as well wait it out. 

The soup was lukewarm, not surprising after hearing about the kitchen snafu. Our entrees finally came out and they were decent. My pasta was good and I enjoyed the sauce quite a bit. The eggplant was overcooked and had an unappealing texture.

Our server was sweet and she kept an upbeat attitude despite all the shenanigans that seemed to be going on in he kitchen. The kitchen staff seemed to be playing around and more focused on wanting to leave for the evening, which made us uncomfortable and we ended up rushing through our meal to leave.

I see this being a decent spot for take out, but try not to come by too close to closing time.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Parmezan Subs

Looking for a casual dining spot for Valentine's dinner with my OG, we ended up at Parmezan Subs. 

It's located in the former Bon Chef location, they have updated the little eatery and even added one of the fancy drink fountains. 

I ordered a medium eggplant parmigiana sub and a bowl of Italian wedding soup. The soup was good. It had nice flavor and the right texture. The sub was just ok. I didn't love the bread and the eggplant was thin and a bit on the dry side for my taste. It was messy with all the sauce dripping out so I'd recommend a knife and fork.

The service was friendly and the shop is large and nicely decorated. They offer delivery in the area as well.

Location: 10720 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052

Envy Steakhouse - Las Vegas

Celebrating Valentine's belatedly, my fella and I ended up at Envy Steakhouse. 

The restaurant was pretty empty when we arrived around 7pm on a Thursday evening. We ordered the tomahawk chop, lobster mac & cheese and the bourbon creamed corn. 

The steak was just ok, a little on the gristly side. My expectations were low, but I had hoped for a little more from the steak. The flavors were a little lacking for me and the steak had a glaze that I found unappealing. The sides were decent. My favorite was the creamed corn, which was sweet and creamy without being watery.

Our server was so attentive and sweet, she really went above and beyond. She even made sure that they presented the entire tomahawk so I could get a picture before they took it back to slice it up for us. 

I don't see myself going back any time soon, but it is a decent location close to the convention center.

Pho Lan - Las Vegas

Located in an obscure strip mall location, it's a bit hard to find. 

We arrived around 7 on a Friday evening and the place was pretty empty. The restaurant is spacious and clean-looking. 

We ordered some eggrolls to start and then took our time choosing entrees. I ordered the grilled pork and eggroll vermicelli bowl and it was really good. All the veggies were fresh and I enjoyed my meal. They offered us complimentary Vietnamese coffees and we couldn't resist. I was buzzing after a few sips, but it was delicious. 

Service was excellent. Friendly and superior to many other restaurants I frequent in town. 

I would be curious to try their pho and a different appetizer the next time I visit. I hope they have more patrons then.

Yassou's - Las Vegas

Attempting to eat a little better than usual, I had my eye on a salad for lunch. I have wandered by this restaurant on many occasions and finally decided to give them a shot. 

They were packed for lunch, so I put in my order and found a seat to sit and wait. It took a good amount of time since there were a number of orders ahead of me, but once it was ready I was so excited to dig right in to my lemon chicken and gyro Greek salad. 

There was tons of meat, feta, onions and kalamata olives to accompany the lettuce. I didn't even feel the need to pour any dressing over it, since it was packed with so many delicious toppings. The salad really hit the spot the well-cooked gyro and chicken made my day, it was so delicious. 

I plan on making this a regular on my lunchtime rotation and I look forward to trying many more menu items in the future. I might call my order in ahead of time to save time.

Buldogi's - Las Vegas

I have been slightly curious about Buldogi's over the years and when I came across an Entertainment book coupon for buy one get one free menu item free, I could no longer resist. 

I ordered the Gangnam dog which was topped with pork belly and pickled cucumber and my friend and I shared an angry kimchi fries, but switched out the sweet potato fries for regular fries. 

The service was friendly and quick and we had our food in no time. The food looked so pretty, it made for a perfect picture opportunity.

My dog was good, nothing to write home about, but it was decent and I enjoyed the toppings more than the actual hot dog since it got a little wrinkly and shriveled after the cooking process. The fries were well cooked. I have a feeling I might enjoy plain fries more if I were to come back, instead of the ones with all the toppings. The fries themselves were perfectly cooked and while I enjoyed all the toppings, including the nicely cooked egg, I found myself picking out the plain fries to enjoy by themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed our meal, but I don't think I'd make this a regular stop on my foodventures.